Understanding Home Doctor Service

Your doctor or GP (General Practitioner) might not be open 24/7. What happens if you have a medical emergency when your GP is closed? This is when home doctor services are useful. It is simply a service that involves a qualified doctor who makes house calls during the hours your GP is closed. Such hours are mostly during the weekend, late nights and on public holidays. When choosing a home doctor service, you should consider the following:

Your Locality

Get home doctor services near your locality to reduce costs. Of course, the further a doctor has to travel, the more he or she might charge. Some home doctors may also not offer their services at localities that are far from them.

Bulk Billing Services

If you prefer to use bulk billing services, ensure that the home doctor you choose offers the service; some home doctors don't. You don't want to discover this after treatment has been administered, payment is required and you are not in a position to make the payment.

Liaising With Your Family General Practitioner

Of course, you might have a general practitioner that you see during normal working hours. If he or she does not offer 24/7 services, you may have a separate home doctor. You do not want any confusion in your treatment; therefore, your home doctor should be in a position to relay what he or she diagnosed and treated to your family doctor. Your home doctor and the general practitioner should also update each other on your medical history so that they both offer effective treatment and never contradict in your health matters.

Help Get the Home Doctor Prepared

When you contact your home doctor, it is important to give him or her a detailed description of what you are feeling or your medical emergency. This helps him or her pack the necessary equipment to diagnose and treat you. Sometimes, your condition may require you to be rushed to a nearby clinic for better treatment. If this is the case, your home doctor should be in a position to get you to the hospital, relay your medical history to the doctor at the hospital and stick around to ensure you receive the best treatment.

Can Your Home Doctor Treat Children?

If you have children, it is important to ensure that the home doctor you choose is qualified and licensed in treating both children and adults.

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