A return to house calls with after hours doctors

Your health doesn't always run to schedule. Sure it might be late at night. Okay, it's inconvenient. But when you need medical care, it's time to find a doctor. Thankfully Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, with free GP services and round the clock care. So, when you need an after hours doctor, you'll be sure to find one.

Whether it's late at night, over the weekend or even on a public holiday, after hours doctor services are there to treat non-life threatening medical emergencies, injuries and illnesses. In fact, after hours GPs are becoming so popular that Australia is seeing a resurgence of good old fashioned health care, including the house calls your Grandma once enjoyed.

So, how does after hours health care work? Here's how:


First, you make an appointment. After hours services tend to start work just as day time services are ending, so if you need a doctor during ordinary office hours it's best to call your regular GP.


Put your feet up. Most after hours doctors use a priority system, similar to that used in your local hospital emergency department. Your after hours GP will attend to the most urgent cases first, to ensure that the community's vital health care needs are met in a timely manner, arriving at your case when it's your turn.

In sharp contrast to a trip to the hospital, your wait for a GP will occur in the comfort of your own home - and even in your pyjamas if you're most comfortable that way.


Once it's your turn, you'll be greeted by a qualified GP - and their trusty sidekick. Most after hours doctors work with a partner of sorts, sometimes called a chaperone or guardian. This is to ensure the safety of both doctor and patient. Your after hours GP will be professionally trained and qualified, and skilled in giving after hours medical care.

Nothing quite comes close to the warmth and comfort of receiving professional medical care in your own home, so much so that house calls are on the rise. When your doctor arrives, sit back and enjoy the ride.


Incredibly, many after hours doctors also have the capacity to offer free GP services. If your treatment is bulk billed you'll use your concession card to receive a partial or full rebate on the doctor's fee.


Once your after hours doctor has assessed your health and treated what ails you, they'll prepare to hit the road, but that's not the end of the story. The GP that attends you will also forward a report to your regular doctor, so they know your condition, and no valuable information is lost.

Having access to a doctor after hours is about more than accessing vital medical care, it's about peace of mind, for you, and for your family. The next time your health suffers you can trust you'll be in good hands, even after hours.

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